Accomplished activities

Accomplished activities in reversed chronological order:


From 2011 -
Starting the organisational structure of AIDS Programme for Kurdistan in Kurdistan - Iraq, coordinating the implementation of the programme.
Since 2011, AIDS Programme for Kurdistan started a planning for different activities on HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control interventions in Kurdistan. The work became intensified from the re-start in 2013, coordinated by a me as an expert on HIV Prevention & Education, building a structure for communication of HIV prevention awareness. The AIDS Council started, representing members from different ministries and non-governmental organisations, including Kurdistan Save the Children, Kurdistan Institute of Human Rights, and Al-Amal Organisation. The minister of health chairs the AIDS Council. The role of the AIDS Council is to follow the development of the APK and make decisions on strategic and framework planning and actions. Further, in each governorate Governorate Committees were formed to support the implementation of the work in the governorates respectively. The manager responsible from the Departments of Health or the AIDS representatives in the same chairs a Governorate Committee.
District Focal Points have been selected for each of the districts, one man and one woman, to function as contact persons and implementers for some of the parts within the AIDS Programme for Kurdistan.
An increased interest has been shown by UNFPA and Unicef to link with the programme.

June 2012
Seminar and sight visit in NEPAL, at NANGAN HIV Coordination NGO, based in Kathmandu. And Siddhi Memorial Foundation, based in Bhaktapur.

April 2012
Invited by Noaks Ark - The Red Cross organisation in Malmö for a panel discussion about sexuality and religion.

January 2012 -
Research on and writing an article on HIV Coordination and AIDS Coordination.
Studies on Labour and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg.

November 2011
Seminar on All the 13 Perspectives of AIDS, Swedish Church, Helsingborg, Sweden.

July 2011 -
Discussions and planning about HIV Prevention at the Municipality of Hildingdon, London, United Kingdom

May 2010 - July 2011
Coordinator of AIDS Programme for Kurdistan, the first comprehensive AIDS programme in Iraq. The programme was implemented by Tristan Troby in cooperation with health staff and representatives from the Kurdistan communities. Employed at the Ministry of Health within Kurdistan Regional Government, based in Erbil, Iraq.

March 2009 - May 2010
Country Manager for the Gothenburg Initiative, a Swedish non-profit organisation working on Democracy, Health and Education.
Development of the AIDS Programme for Kurdistan for the Ministry of Health, Iraq.

November - December 2009
Concluding the AIDS Programme PEER Somali Network in Somaliland/Somalia.

April 2009
Concluding the AIDS Programme PEER HIV Belarus for YMCA Brest, Belarus.

11 Oct - 17 Nov, Evaluation of PEER Somali Network from 2005 till 2010, Hargeisa, Somaliland.
29 Sept - 6 Oct, Iraqi HIV Prevention strategy development, Sulemaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan.
Sight visits and seminars in Havana, Cuba.
Attending the World AIDS Conference in Mexico City.
Iraqi cooperation, planning for producing a regional strategy on HIV Prevention coordination.
PEER Somali Network continuation planning and performance.

October: Training on
Communication and Practical Methods for HIV Prevention for staff working in hospices in Romania, part 2.
June: Seminars in Iraqi Kurdistan and meetings with a number of ministers in the Kurdistan Regional Government. Appointed by the Minister of Health to develop a proposal for organising all HIV and AIDS work in the Kurdistan region, Iraq.
June: Attending the 13th International Conference on Thinking in Norrköping, Sweden.
April: Application for Global Fund GFATM for Somalia. Education program for secondary schools and universities, and co-ordination of religious leaders network.
February - March: Invited by UNAIDS for a planning meeting for GFATM in Djibouti.
February: Monitoring, lectures and supervision of HIV Programme in Somalia and Somaliland.
January: Training 1 on Awareness, Attitudes and HIV Prevention for staff working in hospices in Romania, Brest/Bucharest, Romania.

December: Sexual and Reproductive Education project in secondary schools in Hudiksvall, Sweden.
November – December: Lectures and supervision of AIDS Programmes in Somalia and Somaliland. Head speaker on World AIDS Day, Hargeisa, Somaliland.
October: Training of staff and NGO representatives on HIV, AIDS and Communication in Sulemaniya, Kurdistan (Iraq).
July – August: Education's in Somalia and Somaliland.

December 1
st: Honorable speaker at the World Aids Day ceremony in the city dome, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Museum Educator for No Name Fever - AIDS in times of Globalization, an exhibition at the Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Studied Conflict Resolution.

1999 - 2004
Advanced studies in Human Resource Management, Master of Science in Sociology and Social Psychology.

1994 - 1999
HIV Coordinator for the Municipality of Gothenburg, Sweden. Working at the Department of Public Health.
Studies in Epidemiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases at DPH Gothenburg.
Member of the Multi-City Action Plan (MCAP) on AIDS project, WHO Europe.
Accredited DAD-leader (Diversity and Dialogue); used in conflict resolution, trainings and project planning.

1991 - 1994
Project and Information Manager at the Counselling Office (RFSL), Gothenburg, Sweden.
Member of the Multi-City Action Plan (MCAP) on AIDS project, WHO Europe.

1989 - 1991
Volunteer in school information about sexuality, HIV/AIDS and gender equality.

1987 - 1989
Studies in Market Economy at the Institute for Higher Marketing Education.

Summary of subjects till 2012:
Conducting Trainings/Educations/workshops and Lectures on
* HIV and HIV Prevention
* Dialogue
* Creativity, Thinking and Organisation Development
* Sexuality and Sexual Orientation
* Communication
* HIV from Different Perspectives
* Globalisation
* Gender, Power and Sexuality
* HIV and HIV Work in Somalia/Somaliland
* HIV and HIV Work in Iraq (including Kurdistan)