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CHECKLIST for All the 13 Perspectives of AIDS

The concept All the 13 perspectives of AIDS should help you to better understand the complexity of AIDS, since it involves many different areas and factors of the pandemic. The checklist should be used in conjunction with an understanding of the 13 different perspectives, which should provide you with a good overview on the ongoing pandemic and the complexity of AIDS and what comes with it. Once you have got a good understanding of All the 13 Perspectives of AIDS, you can use these when planning for prevention activities. These activities can be anything from national programmes and policies to projects and other interventions on local levels. In some cases, this checklist can also be used when planning for AIDS prevention. Here is a distinction:
* HIV prevention is used when the intention is to prevent the spread of HIV.
AIDS prevention is used to describe efforts to prevent people living with HIV to develop AIDS because of HIV infection.

The checklist consists of a series of questions within each of the 13 perspectives. It is to be used when you are familiar with the perspectives. All perspectives and the applicable questions should be used when planning for activities. It will help you to remind about the key parts, and should be seen as a compliment to the planning you would do for any of your usual activities. When you know what you want to achieve or what your activities are supposed to look like, you should use this document.

Apart from the planning of your actions, this checklist can also be used to reflect on the ongoing work on HIV prevention.
It is a set of questions that should be discussed and answered in connection to any activity that will be implemented on HIV prevention. As you probably will realise when getting acquainted to this, there could be more or other questions added, and some questions might not be applicable for every purpose. Regard it as a support every time you are planning to take action e.g. when making a brochure, designing a project, writing a policy, conducting a training, evaluating a work process etc.

Processes for change, and sustainable and effective interventions take time to develop. In general, there is insufficient time spent on preparing interventions. This can depend on various reasons, such as eager to start the activities, time pressure and / or limited funding. However, it is crucial to plan interventions carefully to reassure quality and a comprehensive approach to our HIV prevention activities sustainable effects. If you spend time using this checklist, you would have a better outcome and a greater impact of your activities.
If you have any questions concerning the use of this checklist, please do not hesitate to contact me. Remember that I have special training courses for project planning and many areas connected to HIV prevention.

Once you have started to use this checklist, you will experience that you slowly start changing your way of thinking and you should be even more skilled in your profession. The positive side effects will be your own personal development.
Click link to download. -->> CHECKLIST for All the 13 Perspectives of AIDS (PDF 98KB)


Please contact me for further information if you find this useful or if you are interested in learning more about how to use this concept for developing your work on HIV prevention.