Call for a serious approach on HIV and AIDS

The Global AIDS catastrophe has called for a retrial of our arrogant image of ourselves. In the 1950-ies, the human being had taken its step out in space, and the severe infectious diseases had been defeated with vaccines and antibiotics. When AIDS appeared, we took for granted that the threat soon would be extinguished. But this never happened. The HIV epidemic is constantly growing, with 4,000,000 newly infected, and 2,500,000 dead every year. The disease is targeting the young and strong, the keepers of society, and therefore the disease brings more severe consequences than any other plague that has struck humanity. Young women are particularly vulnerable. By the fact that the virus slowly integrates with our DNA, and is being transmitted to the next generation, we will never be able to extinguish it. Neither a cure nor a vaccine is within sight. Instead, we would have to learn how to live with AIDS. Where world leaders have been unable to stop the pandemic, our hope now lies in the individual human beings responsibility, and the power of a growing world opinion.