30 Years and still counting


30 Years has past with the pandemic. Is it time to repaint and freshen-up the old signs? Or can we draw conclusions from past experiences and re-write the scripts on how to work.
Many people who were engaged in the work on HIV and AIDS in the beginning has died or found other areas of making a career. Some of us are still struggling to make a difference, and improve the work of the organisations still occupied in dealing with the disease.
My own observation - with the 22+ years on HIV prevention - is that the years that has passed introduces some kind of organisational memory loss. When staff, volunteers and activists of various kind are exchanged in organisations, and new persons entering, there seams to be little done in the organisations to secure the knowledge and experiences collectively gathered. And to take benefit from them, and this is especially dangerous for the public institutions which are supposed to serve us as citizens/residences.

In connection to this, I have been thinking, processing and reflecting for some years now, on what coordination of HIV and AIDS work consists of, and how it is organised. Since I have had the opportunity to visit a number of countries in my work, I have started to see patterns of this, which may not be what we first think it is. Based on that, and some literature research, I have started to write an article about the matter. I hope to soon be able to publish the overall findings on this later on.

For those of you who are waiting for the rest of the 13 Perspectives, have faith, they will soon be published.