It is possible to book Tristan Troby for single lectures or as a part of a educational concept. The lectures below are just suggestions. If you have a specific subject within the area of HIV/Aids, sexuality or communication, we can most certainly arrange that.

All the 13 Perspectives of AIDS

Lecture of 90-105 minutes

The lecture gives a more holistic image of the disease, which has harvest 30-35 million peoples lives and now affects approximately 40-48 million people round the globe living with the virus. All countries in the world is a part of the problem and the possibilities! It is not just one disease affecting one part of one society. The origin to this lecture and the deconstruction into 13 perspectives comes from the participants on a training course I conducted in Hargeisa, Somaliland 2005. They were given a homework, to think about what different perspectives that could be connected to Aids and the HIV pandemic.

Figure: The result of the listing exercise and homework.

This is HIV Prevention

Lecture of 90-105 minutes

In this lecture, I bring up the basics and subjects needed for working on HIV prevention and how to do it in a successful way.
The lecture is mainly for groups of people who deal with HIV or prevention activities, or those who have an overall responsibility for creating and maintaining strategies in the fight against aids.

The Global AIDS situation

Lecture of approximately 120 minutes

During this lecture, the global situation is described, and I offer examples through stories from some specific countries. There is a possibility for you to get a focus on a specific country or a certain region. The lecture includes an exercise, which requires participation from the auditorium (reservation for facilities and the number of people attending).
The lecture is suitable for those who want to get an overview of the HIV pandemic, and also for those especially interested in a certain region.

History of Sexuality

Lecture of approximately 60 minutes

The views of men and women’s sexuality have varied through out the centuries. It was mostly depended on those who had the power in society. To be able to understand where we are today, we can get some help by exploring how the (western) world saw and treated issues around sexuality throughout the centuries. What’s left of it today, and how was a change possible? What will our views be tomorrow?
Women’s sexuality and the issue of homosexuality will be in special focus.
The lecture is suitable for those who are interested in putting today’s issues in relation to our history, to be able to take part in an ongoing change. It should also be interesting if you want to reflect on how socio-cultural aspects affects our view on sexuality.